Our service supply has been strengthened by our global experience in different countries with specific needs and approaches. Land and Marine Surveys is multilingual which aids our ability to deliver a faster, better service. These CV’s reflect a small proportion of work undertaken in the past 20 years.

Gendredge International (Murray & Roberts) – International Dredging Company

Undertook the following hydrographic surveys:

  • Wilsons Marina
  • Durban Harbour
  • Richards Bay Harbour
  • St. Lucia Lake – all Kwa-Zulu-Natal area
  • St. Helena Harbour – Cape Province
  • Benoni Gold Dumps – Transvaal
  • Luderitz Harbour – Namibia

Balfour Beatty Amec – London, U.K.

Jubilee Line Extension

Basic mining surveying involving underground traverses and monitoring of the new tunnels.
Surface monitoring of the buildings and existing tunnels directly affected by the new tunnel excavation.

Mowlem – Lakenheath, U.K.

R.A.F. Lakenheath – construction of new runway using P.Q.C.

Initially acting as a Q.A. checking the work set out by the engineers. Then due to work backlog, acted as a site engineer setting out and controlling the levels of the forms to be laid.

Mowlem – Coventry, U.K.

New By-pass through Coventry.

Initially asked to create control for the setting out of bridges, piles, pile caps and stem walls. Then due to work backlog, helped set out positions for the above structures.

Boskalis South Africa – Cape Town, South Africa

Port Louis – Mauritius – New Freeport (Job No. 1356)

Hydrographic Survey works involved in reclaiming material lost into the existing channel due to cyclone damage and fishing off to the quay wall after it had been constructed. 1997 – 1998 & 2005/2006.


Richards Bay (Job No. 1357)

Hydrographic survey for the New Coal Terminal. This involved the dredging of material for the new terminal and placing of a stone bed after which the prefabricated caissons were floated and placed into position on top of the bed. Scour protection was then placed in front of the caissons.


Saldhana Bay

Blasting and capital dredging in Saldhana Harbour. Involved in the positioning of the blast pontoon and monitoring the bulking of the blasted material. Insurveys and monitoring surveys were also done for dredging.

Boskalis Middle East – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

+/- 23km long by 300m wide Mussafah Channel surveyed for maintenance dredging. After the dredging was complete a bar sweep had to be conducted to ensure the correct depth had been obtained. Various other surveys were done in the area for future work.

Jan de Nul – Singapore

Training up on Jan de Nul’s hydrographic software and performing surveys for the West Natuna pipeline project.

Jan de Nul – Mauritius

Hydrographic works for Tombeau Bay pipeline project.

Ghent Dredging – Europort, Rotterdam

Land reclamation work.

In charge of controlling and co-coordinating dredging and spreading layers and dredging the work area.

Boskalis Int. – Tema Harbour, Ghana

Harbour deepening involving blasting and dredging.

Setting up the site for survey, blasting and dredging. This involved setting up a G.P.S. system, tidal system, survey boat and office. Set up local grid so blasting and dredging could work on the same co-ordinate system due to the failure of the grid presented by the client. Set out points for blasting rig to position itself. Monitored the bulking after each blast.

Designed various options for dredging to be presented to the client as variation orders.

Boskalis Int., Douala, Cameroon

Surveying of 26 km of estuary channel for maintenance and capital dredging for the port of Douala.

Boskalis Int., Libreville, Gabon

Relief Project Manager on work involving sand winning and the maintenance dredging of the port of Owendo.

Namco Marine, Namibia – Offshore Diamond Mining Company

Duties included the positioning of the mining vessels, reporting to management and the maintenance of survey equipment.

Boskalis  Middle East, Assaluyeh, Iran

The project involved setting up the site for survey, equipping and maintaining 6 vessels for position and data and all the in-surveys, interim surveys and post works surveys. The works included the dredging of a 22m wide, 2.3m deep, 2.5 km long trench for 2 x 1m gas pipelines. After the trench was completed, assistance was given to the lay-barge for calibration of their position system and monitored their pipe pulls. Once the pipes were laid in the trench, it was backfilled with previously dredged material. Various other surveys were conducted in the area.

Boskalis  Middle East, Bushehr, Iran

Survey services for Capital dredge project for the Bushehr Fairway.

Boskalis  Middle East, Bandar Abbas, Iran

Survey services for Capital dredge project for the Bandar Abbas Port.

Agence Nationale de Barrage, Algeria

Survey services hired by the joint venture companies CT Systems (Holland) and Hydrodragage ( Algeria) to conduct dam surveys for the Algerian government. This involved the topographic survey to the highest water line and the bathymetric survey of the water section.

Baniyas Island Power cable route survey, Baniyas, U.A.E.

Cable route survey using INOMAR Sediment Echo sounder. Reson 8101 Multibeam Echo sounder. CM2 Side scan sonar and a Seaspy magnetometer. The survey included staking out of the route on land and Topographic survey using a Sokkia RTK GPS

Palm Island Crescent (breakwater), Dubai, U.A.E.

Survey to produce a model and extract cross-sections of the “wet” section of the breakwater using Reson 8125 Multibeam rotated from nadir.

Ham Dredging, Bahrain, Persian Gulf

Sand search using single beam echo sounder, Geopulse Sub Bottom Profiler for future sand supplies

Mozambique Port Development Company, Maputo, Mozambique

Secured and conducted the initial hydrographic surveys for the port of Maputo. Since then we have been conducting further hydrographic surveys in the region, particularly concerning the latest dredging operations in the Port of Maputo. We were involved in the education of the surveyors for the Mozambique company EMODRAGA and getting their dredge operation up to commercial standards. To date more than 70km’s of approach channel has been surveyed – from Matola all the way to the entrance at Buoy 1N.

Durban Harbour Widening Project, Group5/Dredging International JV, Durban, South Africa

Chief Surveyor for marine works supporting all dredge works and breakwater construction and rehabilitation. Supplied independent survey service to Group5 for the construction and rehabilitation of the North & South Breakwaters

GEMS, Doggerbank Windfarm Project, Doggerbank, North Sea

Commissioned to ship, install, calibrate and operate our R2Sonic 2024 wideband multibeam system and to train GEMS surveyors on its use. We also advised on the use of another 2024 unit on the other GEMS vessel surveying in the same block.

Zambezi River Navigability Survey, Jindal, Tete and Chinde, Mozambique

Secured bathymetric feasibility works to investigate the possibility whether a stretch of Zambezi River from Tete to an area approximately 90km upstream is navigable for a barge having a draft of 2m. This was followed by another area stretching from Marromeu to the mouth at Chinde – again another +/-90 km’s. This stretch is going to test our logistical planning because of the remoteness and accessibility of Chinde.

Mozambique Port Development Company, Maputo, Mozambique

90 km’s of access channel to be monitored on a 3 monthly basis starting May 2011. In addition awarded Geophysical survey over the entire 90km area 300m wide.

Grindrod/Hatch, Matola, Mozambique

Consulting firm PRDW contracted Land and Marine Surveys to undertake a Geophysical & Geotechnical survey in 3 identified areas in search of some 4000 000m^3 of sand. The geophysical works was undertaken using pinger, boomer and single beam survey. The geotechnical survey was done using a vibrocorer off an anchored vessel. The works were completed successfully in very demanding and hostile conditions.

MSC Shipping, Beira, Mozambique

Contracted by shipping line MSC to undertake a Fluid Mud study of the Beira channel to ascertain safe navigability.

Isimangiliso Wetlands, St Lucia, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa

Subcontracted to project undertaken by environmental company Anchor Environmental Consultants CC to do a hydrographic survey of the entire lake system to be merged with aerial lidar data. We used our new “Airboat” here with great success – the project would not have been completed without it.

Manning Hoffman & Partners, Maguga Dam, Swaziland

Subcontracted to perform a multibeam survey of the Maguga Dam in Swaziland for the survey firm Manning, Hoffman & Partners.

Vessel “Smart” Multibeam and Side Scan Survey

Contracted by “The Charterers P&I Club” to conduct a Multibeam and Side Scan Survey over the area covered by the “Smart” vessel casualty at the entrance to the Richards Bay Harbour. The aim of the survey was to undertake a high resolution Multibeam and Side Scan survey to locate evidence of seafloor impact due to vessel grounding.

“Dragon” Gas Pipeline – Trenching Support Surveys, Isthmo de Dragon, Venezuela

Contracted by Belgium dredging company, Dredging International, as a Relief Chief Surveyor for their project in Venezuela. The surveys consisted of setting up the survey vessel for mounting of a Multibeam echo sounder and undertaking the surveys. Land topographical surveys were also part of the package.

“Jurong Island” Reclamation Project – Consulting Survey Work – Jurong, Singapore

Contracted by Belgium dredging company, Dredging International, as a survey consultant to assist in the development and monitoring of a terrestrial and aerial scanning solution. This involved the development of a solution and monitoring of two local service provider companies. The works involved the scanning of bulk carrier holds importing sand for reclamation purposes. A second task was the introduction of aerial photogrammetry using drones. Both tasks proved successful.

Hulhulimale Reclamation Extension – Single Beam Surveys – The Maldives

Contracted by Belgium dredging company, Dredging International, to undertake single beam surveys in and over a reef area designated to be reclaimed. The works included mobilising and equipping a jet ski with equipment for surveys in very shallow water over coral.

MSC Shipping – Bergstan, Portuguese Island, Mozambique

We were awarded a hydrographic and geophysical job to survey a potential anchorage area for MSC Shipping passenger liners. Single beam, pinger and boomer works were conducted successfully.

Dona Ana Bridge Bathymetric & Inspection Survey, Sena/Mutarara, Mozambique

We were awarded and tasked to do a high detailed multibeam survey of the Dona Ana Bridge piers that cross the mighty Zambezi. An incredibly difficult task was accomplished and finished without incident and with great success.

Dredging International – Congo River Maintenance Project – Boma, Congo River

Contracted by Dredging International to install, set up and calibrate a multibeam system for their long term dredging maintenance project on the Congo River.

Dredging International – Suez Canal – Abu Sultan, Egypt

Contracted by Dredging International to help support the survey team. We also supplied a multibeam system to enhance their equipment pool.

Southern Mapping – Victoria Nile – North West Uganda

Feasibility study along the Victoria Nile in association with Southern Mapping. Our bathymetric data was added to the aerial lidar data.

Dredging International – Port Est – Reunion

Dredge support surveys for Dredging International

Dredging International – Port Said, Egypt

Assisting Dredging International surveyors mobilising multibeam equipment.