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Our website CV, Selected Prestigious Projects and Clients List, show our vast experience and capabilities in this sector; from rivers and dams to harbours and oceans, underwater pipelines to sub-sea mining and dredging.


Underwater investigation and services offered:

• Bathymetry using single or multi-beam echo sounders.

• Underwater and above water High Density Scanning.

• Geotechnical/Geophysical/Geomorphological/Environmental Sub-bottom proling.

• Sub-bottom silt/mud density, yield strength and viscosity.

• Side-Scan sonar surveys.

• Magnetometer surveys.

• ROV surveys.

• Metocean/Oceanographic research.

• Weather Stations.

• Harbour security surveys.

• Survey Vessel Static Position Measurement.


Please contact us should you have a specific request not mentioned above as we have access to other equipment via our strategic alliances.


This is the latest addition to our bank of skills. Land and Marine Surveys continually improves its services to the client by offering cost and time effective solutions.


Terrestrial Photogrammetry

Time constraints and inaccessible areas, call for a different approach. Our Terrestrial or Close Range Photogrammetry suite offers a vast range of solutions that sometimes cannot be accomplished by traditional means. We offer solutions for unobtrusively modeling and mapping detailed buildings, as-built constructions and the constant monitoring of them for deformation. Mining walls are now just a few “clicks” away. Models for forensics can be constructed. Industrial sites can be mapped for plant and piping structures. These are to name just a few examples of our capabilities.


High Density Laser Scanning

Should more detail be required over and above the Terrestrial option mentioned above, we then advise using one of our latest Laser Scanners. We own a Riegl VZ 400 and have access to a Leica C10 HD Scanner and a Leica Scanstation 3000. This will enable 3D point clouds to be measured to an accuracy of 3mm and better.


NEW: Survey Vessel Static Position Measurement by either Terrestrial or Hd Survey Methods

Survey vessels can now be modelled using Terrestrial or HD methods to accurately measure the static positions of all survey equipment onboard in relation to each other and the ships origin. Vessel outlines are a byproduct of this. The same can be applied for measuring such vessels as dredgers and aircraft for LIDAR measurement, to name a few.


Mobile LIDAR Scanning – Ground and Air

Our experience using multibeam equipment and data has led us to Mobile LIDAR scanning. This natural progression enables us to offer a “one stop shop” HIGH DENSITY survey service that incorporates Mobile LIDAR scanning, HDS Laser Scanners and Multi Beam echosounders.

Our mobile systems can be mounted onto any platform. High speed survey data capture can now be performed to capture road and furniture data, large earthwork sites can be covered in a fraction of the time, bridge clearance surveys and inaccessible breakwater surveys can be accomplished a lot safer.

We are able to mount our systems in a gyrocopter at a fraction of the cost of conventional LIDAR services. This is mostly due to the mobility and ease of trailoring our gyrocopters to site and the reduced cost of the equipment, all beneting the client’s budget.


Again, a look at our webpage CV’s will show our vast experience in this division. We cater for all areas from roads to bridges, tunnels to runways and cadastral surveys.

With the use of the latest Total Stations and GPS units we can accomplish a lot more a lot faster.


We offer a mapping service in any format through our survey and mapping/CAD packages.

For presentation purposes our modeling delivery is an excellent tool. We can supply it in two formats – AVI movie format or a Scaled Real Life Topographical Model.


AVI Format

An AVI movie le can be created with a user denable route which will take you through the site, presenting a 3-dimensional view. Alternatively, and also in AVI format, the model can be rotated through any of the 3 axis for further viewing. Sound tracks such as music or a voiceover can also be added.


Scaled Real Life Topographical Models

Real life scale models as used by Architects presenting projects can be provided using latest CNC methods.


Should the need arise, personnel can be provided to either manage survey projects or be hired for their particular skills on a long or short term basis. This includes experienced and sought after personnel from a network throughout the world.


• Land & Marine Surveys now supplies turn-key solutions for those “out of the ordinary” projects.
• Shallow draft remote controlled vessels for shallow waters or environmentally sensitive zones.
• Towed underwater cameras are available – along with custom made Camera Housings ( associate company )
• Mobile Laser Mapping from our survey vessels/vans/gyrocopters for inaccessible areas.
• Our latest purchase of an “Airboat” allows us to survey in extremely shallow water not accessible by other craft.